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We offer a wide range of Kawasaki cylinders

300 Big Bore Kit   $459.95

300 Big Bore Kit super Sherpa $459.95

331 Big Bore Kit   $492.85

351 Big Bore Kit   $533.95

All cylinders have a $175.00 core charge returnable when cylinder is received.

In all of our Kawasaki kits you will receive newly bored cylinder with a new 351 sleeve installed one set of gaskets, one base one head, one piston, pin, rings, two cir clips and Fresh air Blockoff plate

This Dyno Run was with a 351 kit stock carb and stock exhaust.

This is a KLX 351 Big bore Kit, The 351 Big Bore Kit Gives you more Torque and Horsepower over your stock KLX 250, The price of this kit is $533.95 plus $175 core charge refundible when cylinder is returned.


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